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"Got Too Many Problems?"

“Got Too Many Problems to Enjoy Life???”   by Dr Randy Scarbrough,  We all need to guard our mind and watch our mouth! You Bible scholars will remember that Joshua had plenty of enemies to confront on his journey. As a matter of fact, it seemed there was a never-ending parade of them! But would [...]

The Shadow of the Cross by Linnie Golden

     The choir at the little church on the hill concluded their Easter Cantata—the rafters vibrated from the sound of their music. For a brief moment the silence in the sanctuary spoke volumes in response—an intense revelation of restoration from the Resurrection!!!      Some folks are somewhat scornful of those who attend church [...]


  By Dr. Randy Scarbrough JESUS DIDN’T COME TO EARTH SIMPLY TO BE A  GOOD EXAMPLE—HE WAS BORN TO DIE. The exact date of Jesus’ death isn’t known with certainty, but there are enough clues to give us two possible days. Herod the Great died in 4 B.C. and Jesus was born within two years [...]

God's Love

  God’s Love in Action! By Morgan Ratcliff     I was at a restaurant recently, and I heard a young girl repeatedly being mean to the waitress.  Something had gone wrong with her food, and she was taking it out on the waitress even though she did not make the food. The waitress apologized [...]

Part One of The Missions Series by Dr. Greg Massey

  A Biblical Mandate for Missions – Part one   God has always been concerned for all peoples. His concern for them is reflected throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. The clear missionary intent of the Almighty comes into view with his plan to bless all extended families of the earth [...]

I Hope My Mansion in Heaven is Next to Yours!!!!!

I Hope My Mansion in Heaven is Next to Yours!!!!!     by Randy Scarbrough      It would probably not be a healthy sign if you spent a great deal of time pondering your death bed . . . WHEN you will find yourself there . . . WHO will be there with you . [...]

"Easy Rider"

EASY RIDER by Randy Scarbrough I GREW UP RIDING MOTORCYCLES. It was a way of life for my family. My Dad built his first motorcycle out of abandoned parts he found around town (Meridian, MS). Later he graduated to a Harley Davidson. This soon became the ride of his choice. My dad organized the first [...]

A Fireside Chat . . .

  A Fireside Chat . . . By Linnie Golden  The cold winds of winter are swiftly bringing Christmas into the Deep South—-those of us who have ‘fire-burning’ fireplaces are gratefully building roaring flames above logs which have waited patiently hearthside for a chance to offer warmth and comfort. Christmastime has come to Mississippi! We [...]

God's Peace

    God’s Peaceby Pat Bruce “On your feet wear the Good News of peace to help you stand strong.” (Ephesians 6:15 NCV) Conflict makes you an easy target for Satan’s attacks. It doesn’t matter if your conflict is with God, other people, or even yourself; it will open the door for Satan to tear [...]


  BE ALERT . . . BUT DON’T BE ALARMED! Rev. 12:12 By Randy Scarbrough Gospel according to Luke, the twenty second chapter – verses 31-32: Jesus is speaking to Simon Peter and says, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to test all of you as a farmer sifts His wheat. I have prayed that you [...]