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Cheri Barry

In June 2009, Mayor Cheri Barry was elected as Meridian's first female mayor. She served as the executive director of the Key Chapter of the American Red Cross from 2001 until 2009. Mayor Barry has been married to Rick Barry for 33 years. They have three children, and one grandchild.

Are YOU Coming to our Town Hall Meetings????

   Are YOU Coming to our Town Hall Meetings???? by Mayor Cherri Barry A few months ago we began calling town hall meetings at City Hall and at other areas in Meridian. The purpose of our town hall meetings is to improve communication between citizens and public officials, as well as increase citizen ownership in [...]

Mayor's Message

No freeze on commercial permits by Mayor Cherri Barry A local group of private investors are in negotiations to place a Dollar General at the old car wash near Point Rexall on Twenty Fourth Avenue and Twenty Second Street. This is a location that is not inside either the Poplar Springs Historic District of the [...]

Mayor's Message

By Mayor Cherri Barry The City of Meridian received its 2011 annual report from our independent auditor, Breazeale, Saunders, and O’Neil, on April 17, 2012. We are thrilled with the news from our independent auditor. During these tough economic times, the worst economy since the Great Depression, this is the best news we could get. [...]

Meridian City Hall reopens

  Meridian City Hall reopens By Mayor Cheri Barry I would like to thank the Citizens of Meridian for a wonderful open house for your newly renovated city call. It was truly a grand showing of civic pride in our community. We saw, on the steps of city hall, a dynamic, diverse, engaged community coming [...]

The Mayor's Summit on Crime

      The Mayor’s Summit on Crime In my previous column, we looked at Meridian moving forward as one community, one city. We recently held a Mayor’s Summit on Crime in Meridian. Five hundred citizens came together with a panel to take on the challenge of criminal activity in our city and county. Just as Monument [...]

Moving Meridian Forward

There are so many things happening in Meridian worthy of being written about here, from a new industrial park to several new businesses opening and new infrastructure and public safety projects. Those are all great things, but the most significant happening in Meridian is walls of division coming down and the community bridging gaps that [...]